Powerful Tools to Budget your Home and Kitchen Remodel!

Manage Renovation Budgets

Maintain home renovation budgets and material costs while on your desktop or on your phone.

Create Room Designs

Experiment with room layouts and coverings to build stunning spaces.

Save Inspiration, Ideas & Answers

Save inspirations while shopping to your project folder. Run across an answer to a problem save it to your project.

Manage task, punch lists and more

Take control of all the work related to your remodel.

Manage Home and Kitchen Remodel Budgets

Manage material, contractor, and other costs associated with your remodel project
Add notes, links, pictures, or reminders to your renovation budget
Snap a picture while you are out shopping to save and include as a budget item
It's a fact, renovations without budgets go over planned costs
Plan your budget wisely and watch your equity grow
View an actual budget from our kitchen remodel

Design Tools That Give You Control

Quickly create room layouts with a few clicks of a mouse
Change flooring, wall colors and ceiling color
Add furniture and design elements to envision spaces
Include doors, windows and other openings to check functionality
Create 3D images of designs for true visualization of room
View an actual design from our laundry room renovation

Renovations Start with Inspirations and Ideas. Save them to Your Project!

Take pictures of products to add to your project inspiration while shopping
Save inspirations while browsing the web or cruising a showroom
Shop with your contractor, save ideas to your project folder
Keep links to helpful how-to instructions
Save links to your idea boards on Pinterest
One of our inspirations came from my Mother-In-Laws remodel. master bathroom remodel

Manage Remodel Tasks And Punch Lists:

Use the task list to manage bids, contractors schedules or any tasks related to your remodel
Save notes related to tasks such as bid amounts
Create punch lists of remaining work as projects near completion
View actual tasks from our laundry room remodel
View actual punch list from our kitchen renovation

Retain Video To Help Get The Job Done

Find useful videos while sitting on the couch or at your desk? Save them to your project so you have them when you are ready to tackle the remodel
Rate videos so if other community members are looking for similar videos they can rank them on popularity
Flag videos you don't feel are appropriate for the community.
View actual videos we saved from our laundry room remodel

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