About Home Renovation Hub

We started Home Renovation Hub to help solve some of the issues we hit researching and planning our own home renovation. We bought a 1976 ranch home located in south Denver in the fall of 2013. We started the remodel in March of 2014, and like most DIY’ers we started the process with a lot of optimism of what our home would become.

This was the state of the kitchen and living room before the walls came down to open things up.

Living room before demo. Kitchen before demo

Here's the Deal

When we started the remodel we had a lot of questions, hopes and dreams for how we wanted the space to look. We spent hours researching various aspects of the remodel and building wish list items in tools such as Excel and OneNote. In addition, we built idea lists on Pinterest and Houzz and located some resources to help with design and architectural issues from HomeAdvisor.  As we went through the remodel we found countless videos on plumbing, electrical and framing on YouTube not to mention some great articles as well.

But There's a Catch:

While these tools are great with a lot to offer we felt it would be valuable to have a place to store all these ideas, plans, material lists and budgets in one place that is available 24/7 in the cloud. In addition, we felt it would be great to build apps that allow you to take pictures and capture SKU’s to add to material lists for any number of projects from photography to gardening to full on construction.

How Can You Actually Use This

Home Renovation Hub allows you to build renovation budgets, save inspirations and helpful how-to videos in a project folder so you can organize all your renovation ideas, advice, tasks and budgets in one place. Take some time to explore our projects. We make our projects public so you can see how we are using these powerful tools

  • Master Bedroom Remodel - Here you will find our budget, multiple inspiration links and some how-to videos
  • Basement - Office - The project has lots of videos saved since we have never built floating walls or needed to have fire blocks.
  • Kitchen Remodel - This project was added after we completed the project so we could manage all our renovation projects and costs in one place.  Having all our renovation budgets saved in one place will allow us to quickly discover ROI and tax impact when we sell this property

We hope you find this site helpful as you venture off to build the project of your dreams.

New kitchen

As always, enjoy the site and please tell us how we can improve the site to better serve your individual project needs. We are here to build the tools to help make your dreams a reality.

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