Help for Home Improvement Projects?

The Home Renovation Hub is for any homeowner, DIY enthusiast or craftsperson who is looking to manage budgets or resources for projects. In addition, there is a showcase feature which will allow you to share your before and after pictures socially on Facebook, Pinterest and Google.

Materials and Budgets for your Remodel

Create an account and you are well on your way to building your first home improvement budget. In the project area, you can build material lists to help manage your budget. For example, if you have a $1,000 budget to install new railings on your old deck you can add the various items here to get an idea of total project budget. As you are walking through Home Depot, Lowes or any retailer build your material list right from your tablet or phone. 

DIY Project Budget and Material List

The tool also comes in handy as a record of actual cost of the project. If you are a homeowner using the tool to manage a home DIY project the tool is very handy when it comes time to sell the property. You know exactly what you have put into the property. homerenovationhub helps track your ROI of your biggest investments.

Add Video to your Project

Our home improvement project video area can be a convenient tool to manage various YouTube videos you may find useful for current or upcoming projects. The tool can also save videos for various maintenance jobs like sharpening a mower blade or cleaning a whole house air filter. Say you are relaxing on your deck researching what you need to know to prepare and stain your old deck. You find several great videos on YouTube on how to clean and prep the surface. Now that you have some great videos don't lose them. Add them to your project to review at a later date and time when you are ready to tackle the project. No need to remember where the video is on YouTube or the search phrase you used to find them. Everything related to your DIY projects are as close as the touch of a screen on your smartphone.

DIY Project Videos

Project Inspiration: Keep Material, Ideas and Contractor Ideas

In the home improvement project inspiration area you can save any number of links. You can save product links for items you find have value, save project ideas you find on Pinterest or save links to a site or blog that you found useful. In addition, save links to contractor reviews or anything else you find helpful to complete your project.

DIY Project Idea links

Showcase your talents

Once you have completed, or as you are going through the various phases of your DIY project you can build a project showcase and show it off. Share it on Facebook, Pinterest or Google+. You can also keep the showcase private and only send links to friends and family. While we were going through our home renovation project we had several friends and family asking for pictures or updates, with this feature we could share our showcase on Facebook or send them a link directing them to a private showcase.

DIY Project Showcase

Home renovation hub's tools would have come in extremely handy while we were in the middle of our home remodel projects. You can see the results of all those efforts in our showcase feature. The four projects pictured above are projects Jill and I have completed over the past couple years on our home. DIY projects seems to be my therapy along with camping, fishing and golfing.

As with every product, too will be evolving on a daily basis. We hope you visit the site often and find it useful. We are always looking for honest feedback both good and bad, your feedback will help us provide what is valuable to you.

One last thing

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If you are visiting and find a bug please let us know. There is a little bug icon, highlighted in the above picture, in the top right corner for reporting issues. If you have feedback you want to share anonymously there's a feedback button floating on the right side on the site. Please tell us how we are doing.

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