Affiliate Program FAQs

  1. What is the Home Renovation Hub’s affiliate program?
    Our affiliate program rewards you with generous commissions for directing new customers to our renovation budgeting and management tools. When you refer a new customer to us and they purchase a subscription, we pay you a commission.

  2. How do I join your affiliate program?
    We manage our affiliate program in house. To join you simply need to apply to the program. Once approved you will be sent an email on how to get started.

  3. How does your affiliate program work?
    Our affiliate program allows you to make money by referring new customers to our website. You can do this by placing links, banners, product reviews, or any of the other content we provide you with on your website. Each time you refer a new customer to us and that customer makes a purchase, you earn a commission.

  4. Does it cost me anything to become an affiliate?
    It’s absolutely free to join our affiliate program! There’s no charge to apply and there is no minimum sales requirement.

  5. How much can I expect to earn?
    That’s completely up to you. We can help if you need something specific to promote Home Renovation Hub your way, but your profit potential is dependent upon your promotion of our tools.

    Our standard commission rate is 20% for every subscription sold. In addition, we offer incentives for high performing affiliates who exceed certain sales thresholds for consecutive months. The more customers you refer, the more your commission can increase.

  6. Can I promote Home Renovation Hub on more than one website?
    Yes, absolutely. You can promote our themes across one or all of your websites. The more links and content you place on your websites, the more qualified visitors you’re likely to send us — and this should translate into a higher conversion.

  7. Is my website eligible for your affiliate program?
    Most websites qualify to participate in the affiliate program. However, we reserve the right to refuse membership to a website or revoke your membership at any time, if we determine that your website contains objectionable material. 

If you have any other questions, please use our Contact Us form selecting Affiliate Partnership as the subject.

We look forward to partnering with you!

- The Home Renovation Hub Affiliate Management Team

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