FlowTech Control Panel, Shut-Off Valve and (1) Gas Leak Detector

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  • FlowTech Starter System
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Undetected high level of CO and Gas leaks can cause deaths and explosions

  • 68% of Fire Departments’ responses are for gas leaks (source FDNY)
  • 450 people are killed annually from CO poisoning (Source CDC)
  • 50,000 people yearly are sickened with CO Poisoning without being aware of the danger
  • (Source New England Journal of Medicine, 2012)
  • CO poisoning causes more than 15,000 injuries each year, (Source Consumer Reports, 1/7/14)

Flowtech Safety Systems – Patented Wireless Gas & CO Leak Sensors with an automatic shut-off valve, turns-off the gas to appliances to prevent you from becoming ill or possibility face a more serious concern, like a fire or explosion.

Buy a Flowtech Safty System today for peace of mind that you, your pets and your property will be safe. 

  • Buy Now Price: $249.99

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