Our patio project

We have some amazing sunsets to watch from our back patio not to mention an abundance of wildlife. Given that we decided to add a paver patio to enjoy for years to come. The old patio was fine other than skunks, snakes and other critters living under it. This is the final outcome for us to enjoy for the years to come.

A big thank you to Patrick Richie and his crew at Outdoor Innovations for helping make this happen.

You can see from the following two picture the ground had settled up to a foot in some areas under the patio giving the skunks and other critters a great place to live.

Look at the gap under the old patio.

The trap was to catch the skunks that would spray under the patio while we were out there. The rocks on the right side were an attempt to block the skunks from getting under the patio.

Notice the door opening in the picture.

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