Compact firewood storage

I built this firewood holder in a couple hours with some old material I had from a deck we tore off the house. Still need to power wash and stain the end product but the results are a compact firewood holder that can be taken down and stored in the barn over the summer months.

Finished and filled ready for winter.

Started with some old scrap wood from a deck we removed from the house.

As always start with a solid base. In this case I used two fence posts cut to 22" (4 total)

I attached tabs to each individual piece. This will secure it in the winter while in use and allow it to be taken apart for storage in the summer.

The middle boards that the tabs are attached to is a single deck board ripped down the middle.

Top shelve for holding smaller pieces to use for kindling

The sides consist of one full deck board and one ripped in half.

The other side with the second half of the deck board I ripped down.

Gaps allows air to flow through the firewood. I used a spare 1x4 with a couple shims nailed to them to create the space. The shims added to the 1x4 allow for the 2x4 tabs to fit between slats easily.

Finished, Just add wood.

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