2017 Is Here: Time to start building equity!


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2017 Is Here:  Time to start building equity!

2017 will be a year of transition. With the change of administration in the White House, improving economy and interest rates that seem to be moving up we feel a little mixed for the 2017 real estate market.

According to Realtor.com Vallejo(CA), Dallas, Denver and San Francisco maintained the top of the list for hot markets in 2016. Meanwhile, Waco, TX makes its debut to the list in 2016. I’m certain a lot of thanks go to Chip and Joanna Gaines with their extremely popular Fixer Upper television show.  They take homes that are in ruins and transition them to look like a million buck. We are huge fans of the show!

2017 should be the year you take your home from the blah to the outstanding. Whether you are planning on moving or staying put we want to help make 2017 the most rewarding year for home renovations. Our tools can help save you time and money while building extreme value in your property.

Planning a move?

If you are planning to move in 2017 here are a few tips before putting your home on the market. The smallest things can produce large return on investments.

Quick and easy

  • Freshen things up: One of the easiest and perhaps cheapest things to freshen up a room is to add a fresh coat of paint. Chose paint colors that are neutral, warm and complimentary to the decor. Painting a room can have one of the highest returns on investment. Having it professionally done will cost substantially more but still worth the investment when looking to sell.
  • Stage the property: Hiring a professional stager to come in and declutter is another extremely valuable way to make more on the sale of your property. When we sold our last home, we found a realtor who provided staging services as part of their service. After seeing the home staged we raised the listing price by 7% the night before we listed. Within a few days, we had several offers well above other recent sales in the neighborhood. It is in the realtors best interest to get you the highest value in the quickest time so many offer these services either through a referral or as part of their fee.

Have some time?

  • If you have some time before listing you may look at updating light fixtures, flooring or exterior features.
  • Curb appeal is the first thing that grabs a potential homeowners interest. If they drive by and don’t like what they see they will be off to the next property.
  • Add a new coat of paint to the exterior of the home. Again, keep this in the neutral spectrum of colors.
  • Add some new plants with lots of vibrant and complimentary colors. It’s all about the curb appeal.

Bottom Line

  • Do your homework: Before talking to a realtor browse Zillow.com, Trulia.com and Realtor.com to get an idea of recent sales and offerings. These can go a long way to help you understand the local market so when you do talk to a realtor you have a better idea of the market.

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Why we created Home Renovation Hub

The goal of creating HomeRenovationHub.com is to give homeowners tools they can use in real world renovations to help manage their project budgets, keep home improvements on course, and to track investments that build equity in your home. Since we use the tool extensively for our own personal remodels we are constantly tweaking and updating features to make it the most useful tool available to the DIY homeowner. If you are going through a remodel we would love for you to give us a try. In addition, we want your feedback as we build a collection of tools to help home renovators.

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