Home Renovation Hub - A Better Way to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation


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Home Renovation Hub - A Better Way to Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

If you have ever been through a renovation you are probably familiar with some of the frustrations that come with the territory. If you have not been through a renovation I'm sure you have heard stories from friends or family concerning their remodels. Renovations can be stressful on individuals and relationships. Planning and communication can help eliminate some of the stress. Mike Holmes article "You’ll get renovation stress, but here’s how to mitigate it" points out that researching and educating yourself on everything there is to know about the renovation will help mitigate some of the stress.

Planning is a critical process to ensure you maintain your renovation budget, complete in a timely fashion and reduce the stress and anxiety of the renovation. How do you plan your kitchen renovation, master bath remodel or any home improvement project? Do you create a file folder to save magazine clippings, manufacturer marketing materials, and other items? Do you save photos to your phone, ideas on Houzz or Pinterest? Do you have endless bookmarks in your browser with links to ideas, answers, videos, products and materials?

This is exactly what our planning process used to look like. We had inspirations and ideas in 10 different locations. I’d find a helpful video on a week night only to lose it by the weekend. Then I would spend 20 minutes trying to find that video again. I’d save bookmarks to my browser only to have them get lost in the sea of links. No visual reminder to jog my memory. I'd measure rooms then jot them down on a piece of paper only to have the dog eat it or the wife throw it away.

A Better Way to Plan Your Next Home or Kitchen Renovation

Home Renovation Hub has a wide variety of tools to help manage your remodel. Our tools can manage budgets, save inspirations and answers as well as links to videos. We also offer task management and design tools to manage the process. You can even document the entire renovation in our Before & After section. We have all the planning tools you need to plan your renovation and showcase if after your home or kitchen renovation project is complete.

We are dedicated to building tools for homeowners who are planning a renovation, however the tools can be used for any project that requires materials, budgets, inspiration, answers or planning. 

  • Our tools can help save you time, money and hopefully eliminate the stress of a remodel.

Home Renovation Planning Tools to Reduce the Stress of Remodels

Let’s walk through an actual kitchen renovation project. The kitchen renovation project illustrates the power and possibilities with some of the tools on Home Renovation Hub. Home Renovation Hub organizes everything around project. If you want to walk through the actual project simply click the Demo Projects menu item and find the kitchen project in the list of active public projects.  

project budget snapshot

We have highlighted the kitchen project in the picture above. Notice the square box and the end of the project name. These are project notes that can be kept as part of the project. Also, notice the "public" text next to that. This indicates the project is public meaning everyone can view your project. This can be managed in the project details and is private by default. This member chose to share their project. Some elements on this page are not visible when you are not an active subscriber. For example, you will not see the + Project button or the edit delete buttons for each project. Our free subscription allows you to start the planning process.

Let's highlight a few things from each screen but we encourage you to explore the various public projects to get a better idea of the power of these tools.

Maintain Renovation Budgets

Our project budgets are split into two sections; one for materials, one for contractors, architects, plumbers and any other trades you may have do the work. Creating budgets is easy and fun.

Note: To expand and contract the budget sections simply click the up or down arrow at the end of the section name. Highlighted in picture.

Note: To see material item notes or picture you saved of the item simply mouse over them at the end of the material item name.

Renovation Budget Snapshot

Inspiration, Ideas and Answers for your Renovation

During our renovation, we found inspirations all over. When we were shopping I’d pull the site up on my phone, snap a picture of kitchen cabinets, kitchen counters and even cabinet pulls to the kitchen projects inspiration tab. If I’m researching products, materials, ideas or anything else that can be bookmarked I’ll copy that link and save it to my inspirations tab. When saving an item to our process retrieves as many photos from the link as possible so you can save an image that reminds you of why you saved it. In addition, you can create your own title and description for the item. Very powerful tool to have in you renovation. This is included with the free subscription.

Kitchen Renovation Inspiration

Manage How-To Videos to Help Complete your Remodel

If you are anything like me I rely on YouTube and the Google machine to find answers and instructional videos on how to get things done. I may weed through 10 or 20 bad videos or links to find 1 good one. With Home Renovation Hub’s tools, I can now save those good videos to a project. Here are some example videos I saved for the kitchen renovation project.

Kitchen Renovation How-To Videos

Keep things On Track with Task and Punchlist Management

Our task and punch list tabs are for managing the project. Manage when contractors are coming out, set deadlines for getting bids, identify items that were missed or not done right and add them to your own punchlist.

Kitchen Renovation Tasks and Punchlist


Wrap up the Renovation by Showcasing the Before & After pictures

Once you have completed your project you can showcase your success with our showcase feature. Our showcase feature makes it easy to share your progress socially or keep it private and only send links to friends and family.

Showcase Snapshot

Sign up for a free Home Renovation Hub account to get started today.

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Why we created Home Renovation Hub

The goal of creating HomeRenovationHub.com is to give homeowners tools they can use in real world renovations to help manage their project budgets, keep home improvements on course, and to track investments that build equity in your home. Since we use the tool extensively for our own personal remodels we are constantly tweaking and updating features to make it the most useful tool available to the DIY homeowner. If you are going through a remodel we would love for you to give us a try. In addition, we want your feedback as we build a collection of tools to help home renovators.

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