Building Equity – Which Rooms Will Give Us a Bigger Return on Our Investment?


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Building Equity – Which Rooms Will Give Us a Bigger Return on Our Investment?

A DIY home improvement project can greatly improve the look and functionality of a home. Many people invest time and money each year into a home remodel project. But as the costs of a do-it-yourself project stack up, many people consider other factors about these endeavors.

Can these projects improve the value of a home?

Those who are smart with their finances always consider what type of return on investment they can get when it comes to a home improvement project. Certain types of projects can prove more effective in this way than others. While improvements to some rooms may not do much for the overall value of a home, improving others can make any place of residence more lucrative to current residents and to potential buyers in the future.

Renovated Kitchens with Modern Appliances

According to Home Advisor, most homeowners spend between $10,000 and $30,000 to remodel a kitchen. This means that a kitchen renovation is one of the most involved projects a person can engage in for their home, provided that they choose to do major renovations. While this can help any kitchen look better and provide a greater degree of convenience, it can also provide a good return on investment. New appliances and kitchen hardware are a great selling point for any home.

Redone Bathrooms with Water-Saving Amenities

A bathroom is one of the most important rooms in any home. When it comes to getting a good return on investment from a DIY project, utilizing modern amenities in the bathroom can prove very effective. Water-saving toilets and showers are relatively inexpensive to install, especially when one considers the amount of money they can save a homeowner. And in the event a person does choose to sell their home at some point, these types of appliances can help boost its value significantly.

Remodeled Garages with More Reliable Hardware

Though not every home has a garage, these rooms provide a great deal of convenience when it comes to storing certain items safely and protecting one’s vehicle from the elements and other hazards. Cleaning up one’s garage can help it look better, but DIY remodel projects can provide even greater results. New doors and openers, as well as newly-installed storage units can help a person protect their belongings more efficiently. This provides a solid return on investment, and can also improve the resale value of a home.

Every room is different, but when it comes to getting return on investment, some DIY projects are definitely superior to others.

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