Time to Give our Old Home a Face Lift?


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Time to Give our Old Home a Face Lift?

As I have mentioned before we purchased an older home in south Denver that has not been updated since the 70’s. Well, we have yet another project we are contemplating. The front of our home is brick with several cracks in the mortar which gives the home horrible curb appeal. We have gone back and forth on whether we should repair and refresh the mortar or if we should place a stone veneer over the brick to freshen up the look.

As with all home projects they start out as an idea or desire to change the look or functionality of a space. Ours is a fresh new look and enhanced curb appeal. Like all things this will come with a cost. A cost we hope to profit on when we sell the home. Careful planning will help us ensure the money we are putting into the home will result in a higher return when we sell the home. Home Renovation Hub's planning tools allow us to plan well into the future. We may not get to this project for three years but that shouldn't stop us from researching products, find inspirations and even start a budget. Then when the time comes we have all the research and anticipated costs neatly saved away in our Exterior - Brick to Veneer project folder.

The Problem: Old Worn and Weathered Brick and Mortar

As you can see if you look closely at the picture the wall has cracks from top to bottom as well as several bricks that are simply resting in place. Not ideal for curb appeal. 

Front of home

Using the tools provided with a Home Renovation Hub subscription I can quickly, less than 5 minutes, create a 3D image of what the walls would look like with different types of stone. There are hundreds of stones to choose from with the room designer tool.

3D image of home    Exterior Stone Veneer Options

Once we have an idea of the different stones we may like we can go out looking for stone and manufacturers to start building our budget and inspiration. We found a few items online we saved to our projects inspiration tab for the exterior upgrade.

Valuable Tool for Planning a Remodel

Although this project may be a year or more away we can start building ideas, budgets and inspirations. Then when we are ready to tack the project all our research and planning are convienetly located in one location. The resources available on Home Renovation Hub lets us plan all our home projects whether we are currently working on them or if they are three years down the road. Then when we do tackle the actual project we can go from budget to actual costs by managing materials, contractor costs and permits all in the budget area. Bottom line, home renovation hub is a valuable tool we added to our renovation arsenal along with the level and hammer. 

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