How to Make Small Rooms Appear to be Larger


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How to Make Small Rooms Appear to be Larger

Any homeowner may have a number of ideas when it comes to DIY home improvement projects. A simple glance around one’s place of residence can allow one to theorize about multiple ways he or she could improve the way the house looks.

While most people must keep their remodeling and renovation efforts in line with strict scheduling and budget constraints, another limitation factors in as well - how does a person deal with a lack of space?

Smaller homes usually come at a better price, but this is understandable, due to the smaller amount of room they offer. Many people want a way to help their home appear larger without having to invest in costly expansion efforts. Thankfully, a few simple tricks exist which can make any room look more spacious while providing additional benefits as well.

  • Using Smart Storage Devices
    Janel Laban, a writer for Apartment Therapy, noted how smart storage can benefit these small dwellings by providing adequate room to house belongings without cluttering up the floor space. Likewise, these ideas can prove valuable to those that want to make small rooms in their house appear larger. Building shelves into walls or putting storage units between existing furnishing is a great way to maximize the storage capabilities of a room efficiently.

  • Reducing the Size of Furniture and Amenities
    Many DIY home improvement projects involve getting new furniture for a certain room. If a person thinks that the room in question is looking a bit cramped, adopting slightly smaller amenities and furnishings can be a great way to make the area seem a bit more spacious. Even opting for furniture pieces that are only a few inches smaller in terms of dimensions can provide a large amount of additional space.

  • Utilizing a Proper Color Scheme
    Sometimes certain home improvement projects can lead to surprising changes. For example, switching out the curtains in a room or applying a fresh coat of paint can help establish a more coherent and complementary color scheme. While this can definitely improve the look of a room, it can also create the illusion that the room is bigger. Furniture and amenities that match with the colors of the wall, ceilings, and floor can result in a more spacious-looking room.

Do-it-yourself projects can help homeowners improve their place of residence significantly. Even if a person doesn’t have the largest home, they can still make it look more spacious by utilizing smart design strategies.

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