Master Suite bathroom plan changes


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Master Suite bathroom plan changes

Over the weekend, we continued our master bedroom renovation. We tore out more of the existing master bathroom to make room for the new water closet and a large walk in shower. Using the tools on Home Renovation Hub we could play with the bathroom layout to move things around and that is eaxctly what we did. 

The original plan:

Originally, we were notgoing to add a tub to the master suite since we have a hot tub located just off the master bedroom. The hot tub is always ready and located in the Rocky Mountain equivalent of a Florida sun room. The hot tub is in an enclosed room with windows around all sides to have the feeling of being outdoors. The room isn’t heated so it has a nice chill in the winter.

Old master suite plan

After completing the tear out of the existing bathroom and looking at how to relocate all the plumbing we decided to change the location of the door to the water closet and move the vanity so we could include a soaking tub in the new master suite.

The new layout:

Using the design tool provided with a Home Renovation Hub subscription we could easily change rooms around to include the soaker tub in the design. We now have a soaking tub located where we originally had the vanity. This is a much more desirable design to make the master bathroom more of a master retreat. One of the side effects of this new design is we decided to increase our budget by $4,000 so we could get a spa quality soaker tub. Fortunately, the tools provided by Home Renovation Hub makes this process easy. We adjusted the budget by $4,000 and have added a couple tub ideas to the inspiration area.

updated layout of master suite

Making renovations easier to manage

Using the tools provided by Home Renovation Hub really helps plan and budget for any type of remodel. If you are starting a reno soon sign up for a subscription. Test out our tools, if they don’t meet your expectation please let us know. We will be happy to refund your subscription fee. Our goal is to save you money on your home improvement projects. Not add costs.

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