Now That We Have Settled in, Which Project Do We Tackle First?


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Now That We Have Settled in, Which Project Do We Tackle First?

Moving into a new home can be exciting – and exhausting. Most people who finish transferring all of their belongings into a new home want to take time to sit down, rest, and celebrate the fact they were able to get everything moved.

But what comes after this?

Many people who move into a new home already have a few ideas about home improvement projects they’d like to start. Whether they picture a certain room being a different color or imagine tweaking some worn-down amenities, there are usually no shortage of possibilities. Given that do-it-yourself projects can involve a lot of work, it is important to decide on which project to tackle first rather than attempting to do multiple projects at once.

The Importance of DIY Project Planning

While an eager homeowner may look around their house and think of a dozen changes they’d like to make, House Logic notes that home improvement projects could take anywhere from days to weeks to complete. In addition to boasting their own timelines, each type of DIY remodel effort also has its own financial cost. Because of this, it is wise to plan out which DIY projects should be tackled first. While each project is different, there are advantages to tackling certain endeavors before others.

Benefits of Handling Smaller Projects First

When people first move into a new home, they’re likely relatively tired from their endeavor. In addition, their finances may have taken a hit from covering the cost of getting moved over and set up in the new place of residence. Because of these factors, it can be much easier to deal with small DIY projects first. Taking care of imperfections in walls, cleaning carpets, or replacing small fixtures like doorknobs can be both easy and affordable while greatly improving the look of the home.

Benefits of Handling Larger Projects First

While some people may like to start out slow with home improvements, others prefer to get the more demanding tasks out of the way quickly. Committing to larger and more involved remodeling efforts early on can make the home as a whole look better. By resolving more serious issues, homeowners are able to gain a greater degree of functionality from their home. After these major needs are addressed, homeowners can worry about the smaller details later on.

Home improvement projects can be vastly different in terms of the time and funding they require. Everyone has a different preference, but handling these projects in a certain order can lead to better results.

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