Reface or Replace – What Are Our Options for Kitchen Cabinets?


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Reface or Replace – What Are Our Options for Kitchen Cabinets?

Storage devices play an important role in any home, but more importanly in the kitchen. Homeowners need a way to keep their belongings organized in a way that complements the design scheme of a room.

This is especially important when it comes to the kitchen!

Plates, cups, utensils, appliances, and other items need to be kept organized so they are out of the way but also easily accessible. Given the importance of kitchen cabinets, many people consider starting out a DIY project to improve the appearance of these important units. But this brings up an interesting question – should a homeowner repair their cabinets or replace them completely? There are advantages to both, depending on the type of work a given cabinet may need, or how well it is fulfilling its desired function. The budget a homeowner has also factors into planning out these types of changes.

The Bigger Role Kitchen Cabinets Play

Kitchen cabinets serve an important function in that they help keep a kitchen organized. A kitchen is one of the most important rooms of a home, and it can be easy for this room to become messy. And while kitchen cabinets are designed to help homeowners easily store away all of the various items they may use in their kitchen, these cabinets also contribute greatly to the room’s aesthetic appearance. This can make a homeowner consider either repairing or replacing their cabinets when they begin to get worn down.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Repairs

One of the most common DIY home improvement projects deals with repairing existing hardware. This can include everything from handles to hinges to locks. Kitchen cabinets that have worn down hardware may not be easy to use, and this can prove frustrating. Repairing kitchen cabinets can help improve their appearance, but this can be a bit costlier. House Logic notes that this type of project can cost at least $1,000 for the laminate alone and a minimum $2,500 for real wood veneers.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Replacements

Those who are looking to make largescale improvements to their kitchen cabinets while saving money in the long run may consider completely replacing them. While this project is a bit more involved in terms of the costs, timeframe, and work involved, the result can be better if existing cabinets are already in bad shape. New cabinets can last longer and even add value to the home as a whole.
A homeowner who is looking to improve the look of functionality of their kitchen cabinets can either opt for repairs or replacements. If small changes are needed, repairs can be easy. But if the units are in bad shape, a complete replacement could prove to be the better option.

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