The Keys to Designing Your Wonderful Walk-in Closet


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The Keys to Designing Your Wonderful Walk-in Closet

There are few places in your home that blend convenience and luxury together as seamlessly as a walk-in closet. It is both a place of storage and a shrine — keeping your clothes neatly accessible, organized, and on display simultaneously.

But walk-ins are too often underused, or left to grow cluttered and ill-kempt. The way to make the most out of your walk-in is simple — a great design that will have you walking in all the time! Here's how to get started:

Consider Your Clothes

What would a closet be without clothes? The first thing you need to think of will be how you want to store and access your clothes. For many, the walk-in acts as their day-to-day change room, grabbing stuff off the rack each morning and putting it away in the evening. For others, it's more storage for outfits like dresses and suits worn less frequently.

If your closet is going to get more traffic, make sure everything is within easy reach with plenty of room to change and find the perfect outfit. If it's targeted more at longer term storage, you might consider doors and drawers to keep dust off your apparel.

Before you get started with your walk-in design, make sure to consider your clothes, and how you will interact with them in the space.

Room to Do You

A walk-in closet is about a lot more than storage. It's like a personal preparation palace, a place that you can tailor to your routine.

Many people opt to have lots of mirrors with adequate lighting so you can fully gauge exactly what you look like before heading out for the day. In addition, many walk-ins have the room to include a little make-up or grooming station to put the final touch on your appearance.

The important thing is knowing exactly how you would like to use the space, and organize your closet to support your needs. That way, it becomes more than the place you put your clothes, transforming into one more room in your house used to its fullest potential.

Add a Dash of Luxury

Some walk-in closets are more modest in scale, and may serve a very practical purpose. However, if you're fortunate enough to have the means, adding a little luxury into your walk-in closet will take it to the next level.

Adding in a TV, nice carpeting, some comfy furniture — all this will transform the place you hang your clothes into a little getaway, which can be an oasis in the middle of a busy household. Of course, this oasis also has the benefit of keeping your clothes hung!


Many people have walk-in closets, but few have taken full advantage of their potential. While they are undoubtedly wonderful storage areas for your clothes and shoes, they can be so much more.

Try thinking outside the closet when its dime for you to freshen up you walk-in. With proper planning, it might end up being your favorite spot in the entire house.

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