What is Home Renovation Hub and why would I use it?


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What is Home Renovation Hub and why would I use it?

The Home Renovation Hub has a wide variety of tools to greatly improve budgeting, organizing and showing off your DIY projects. We are dedicated to building tools with the homeowner in mind, but the tool can be used for any project that requires materials, budgets, research or instruction. Combine what you find on Houzz.com with ideas from Pinterest, add what you learn on YouTube with instructions you find on Instructables and your DIY project begins to come together. Save links to contractor reviews, maintenance schedules, online manuals, add notes, estimated costs for portions you will hire out. The items you can save to your projects will only grow over time. Our tools to help save you both time and money.

Let’s walk through an example of a potential investment property. Begin by creating a account, then click on My Account to get started. The Invesment Property project is one of the Demo projects we have created. The demo project illustrates the power and possabilities with some of the tools we have developed. 

Image of the DIY Projects area

After creating your project you can proceed to build out anticipated materials for your home improvement project with estimated costs. You can build these lists from your phone or tablet as you are strolling through HomeDepot or Lowe's. The forms are easy to complete so you can quickly add items. We will be adding the ability to add pictures of products as well. This will help with furnishings and finishes. 

Image of DIY projects material list

If you are anything like me I rely on YouTube and the Google machine to find answers and instructional videos on how to get things done. I may weed through 10 or 20 bad videos or links to find 1 good one. With theDIYplanner’s tools I can now save those good videos to a project called “Darn good videos and links” or to a specific project link the one outlined above. Here are some example videos I saved for the Investment Property project. Note: I have not actually watched these videos so I don’t vouch for the quality, purely an example.

DIY Project videos

In our DIY project links area, you can save links to materials or products you would like to use. In the case of the Investment Property project I saved a link to the property, links to example products and a link to a local HVAC contractor. The limit on the types of links you can save is growning as we get growing feedbak from our users.

DIY project links area of project details

Once you have completed your project you can showcase your success with our showcase feature. Our showcase feature makes it easy to share your progress socially or keep it private and only send links to friends and family.

DIY Project Showcase

Sign up for a free Home Renovation Hub account to get started today.

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Why we created Home Renovation Hub

The goal of creating HomeRenovationHub.com is to give homeowners tools they can use in real world renovations to help manage their project budgets, keep home improvements on course, and to track investments that build equity in your home. Since we use the tool extensively for our own personal remodels we are constantly tweaking and updating features to make it the most useful tool available to the DIY homeowner. If you are going through a remodel we would love for you to give us a try. In addition, we want your feedback as we build a collection of tools to help home renovators.

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