Your Essential Early Spring Planting Checklist


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Your Essential Early Spring Planting Checklist

As the world springs back to life after the dead of winter, so too is it time to inject some life into your garden.

Whether you’re a vegetable grower, a fan of perennials or an annual planter, you can begin preparing your garden for a fantastic season shortly after the snow melts.

Here’s a checklist of three essential tasks you’re going to want to make sure are taken care of this spring to ensure a gorgeous garden:

  1. Take Care of Your Yard Tasks

They might not be the most glamorous part of gardening, but they’re probably the most important. Once your yard starts coming back to life, it’s time to begin clearing the leftovers of winter to facilitate a smooth transition.

Start by clearing drainage ditches of leaves and other detritus, make repairs to raise garden beds, trellises and anything else that suffered damage during the damage. It’s also time to start pulling early spring weeds, thinning dead foliage, and getting new top dressing into your flower beds, once the soil is dry enough to keep from being compressed. In essence, you are “spring cleaning” your garden.

These tasks can be tiring and tedious but maintenance like these jobs are absolutely essential to the long-term prosperity of your garden. There’s no better time than spring to complete these important projects.

  1. Figuring Out Your Flowers and Vegetables

Early spring is the perfect time to start planting some vegetables like peas, lettuce and spinach. Once the soil is unfrozen and dried a bit for aeration, these veggies can go in. Try to time your crops so that different vegetables will be ready at different times of the season.

This is also the time of year to give attention to your perennials. For new beds, ensure they are dug deep and filled with rich soil to ensure a healthy plant during the drier days of summers. It’s also a good time to clear out some of the dead matter and allow room for new growth.

You also should take care to protect your new seedlings from a late frost. Covering them with whatever’s handy (even an old bucket or weighted flower pot) will help to protect them, if you’re anticipating an extra cold night.

  1. Trees and Shrubs Need Love

Just like everything else, your trees and shrubs will benefit from a little spring cleaning as well. Pruning dead branches, clearing old foliage and readying them for new growth will set the stage for a fantastic season.

Early spring is also the time to transplant any shrubs you want to move. It’s important to do it before they produce their leaves so that they will better take to their move. Waiting too long may kill the tree or shrub you wish to move.


As much as we love the dog days of summer for puttering in our gardens, the turn to spring is where a lot of the action begins that will prepare your garden for a fantastic season.

There are few pieces that convey a sense of true home improvement better than thriving gardens. This season, get a jump on your tasks and grow a garden to be proud of.

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